O’Reilly Auto Parts’ manager Kris Krill.

By David Beasley

Customers at O’Reilly Auto Parts in Lake Isabella can save money on car repairs, even if they don’t want to do the work themselves.

Stores employees will install most batteries, windshield wipers and filters at no charge at the store, manager Kris Krill told the Kern Valley Sun.

They will test your battery, alternators and starters for free.

“We have a battery charger free of charge,” Krill said. “If someone’s battery goes dead, they can bring it and we’ll charge it up and let them know if it’s good or bad.”

The store sells brake pads, rotors and other parts with lifetime warranties.

“If for some reason a rotor fails or brake pads fail, or they just wear out because of normal use, we will give customers a brand new one for no cost,” Krill said.

Some customers can do the work themselves and are looking to save money. The store offers a tool rental program that can help with more complicated jobs.

“Then there are people who will come in and buy their parts and take them to an automotive shop and then just pay for labor,” Krill said. “We have a lifetime warranty on parts. Most automotive shops, even though they get the lifetime warranty with the part, they’re not going to give it to the customer.”

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