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Here’s what: ‘Tis the season

No, not the holiday season (yet!). ‘Tis the season to reset, get organized, and set intentions for the rest of the year, back-to-school style.

Even though many students aren’t convening on physical campuses this year, you can still leverage the new-year, new-me mindset. I know I am. 

The coronavirus has rocked our economy over the past six months, leaving far too many Americans financially vulnerable, if not wrecked. Things have changed for many people, from their spending habits to their goals for the future to their financial stressors.

The crisis isn’t in the rearview mirror yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a plan for the road ahead. I’m taking this time to draw up a new personal cash flow statement; reallocate my credit-card rewards; and make sure I’m contributing enough to my retirement and health savings accounts before the year ends, among other things.

Most importantly, I’m thinking hard about my financial goals and reminding myself that despite all the chaos, there are still a few things I have full control over, and I’ll bet you do, too. 

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—Tanza Loudenback, Personal Finance Insider correspondent

Expert tip of the week

“Take comfort in context. You don’t want to focus on the 30 or 40 worst days we’ve seen in 10 years and let it make you forget about the good times we had for 10 straight years. Long-term investors almost always win. Take comfort in the content, relax a bit, and stay consistent.”

—Kevin Matthews, founder of Building Bread, during a Master your Money Live Digital Bootcamp on investing (you can watch the full video here).

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