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Local mother urges parents to invest in a nanny cam


DRY PRONG, La. (KALB) – Ashley Hale will cherish priceless moments with her eight-month-old daughter, but it’s the time when she’s not around that she fears the most.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare,” Hale began to explain. “She sat on her. She suffocated her. She did everything that would break your heart to see.”

Hale describes the footage she found on a nanny cam she purchased right after hiring a babysitter. Hale says, when she and her husband got home, they notice their daughter Ember crying.

“Our daughter was screaming, and the babysitter said, ‘she’s just hungry,’” Hale continued explaining. “I rolled back 15 minutes, and within two minutes of watching that footage, I immediately called the police.”

According to Hale, it took 3 days for the police to arrest the babysitter, but the babysitter is a minor.

“Because she’s a juvenile, that means her recorded will be sealed,” Hale explained.

Therefore, the footage of the babysitter can not be put out to the public. However, Hale calls the nanny cam a vital investment.

“You can take all the precautions and check off all of the boxes and still something can happen to your child,” Hale said. “A nanny cam is just the extra step to ensure the safety of your children.”

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