Dear Abby: My family just came back from a relative’s after a weekend visit. The occasion was a birthday party, and he had a tattoo artist come over. My boyfriend – the father of our 14- and 3-year-olds – spent our last $100 and went ahead and got himself a tattoo! We aren’t rich, and we had to borrow money for gas to get home.

I think he is the most selfish person on the face of the planet, and I get mad at him for every other little thing now. I can’t imagine many adult men would do that to their partner. I know a few who would even say, “No, Honey, YOU get something. I can wait.” Is there any hope for mankind?

Mark of Disaster in Washington

Dear Mark of Disaster: There is plenty of hope for mankind; for the father of your 14- and 3-year-olds, maybe not so much. Was he under the influence at that party, or does he make poor decisions about money often?

That tatt is now a constant reminder of your disappointment in him, so I hope it’s in a place where you don’t have to see it every day or night. You have my sympathy, but you chose this person as a life partner.

Dear Abby: My parents have been together for more than three decades, but their marriage has been strained for years. Still, they won’t pull the plug and call it quits. It’s making us kids (all in our 20s and out of the house) and our extended family confused and frustrated.

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