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New Delhi: With equity markets remaining volatile since the outbreak of coronavirus, risk-averse investors are looking to invest in assets that provide fixed returns. But due to the 115 basis points reduction in repo rate since March, interest rate on bank fixed deposits have become unattractive. However, some high-rated corporate fixed deposits still offer over 7% return on FDs, making it an attractive choice for risk-averse investors and senior citizens.

Bajaj Finance a leading NBFC in India, offers up to 7.35% interest on its FDs. The best thing is that this corporate FD comes without a lock-in period and allowes investors to to make partial withdrawals according to their requirement. You can choose a tenure between 12 and 60 months, and in case you choose to get periodic payouts, you can also choose the frequency of your periodic payouts. Here is the interest rate applicable on Bajaj Finance fixed deposits based on tenure.

Bajaj Finance FD interest rate


Those who invest in online FD will get 10 basis points more than the above-mentioned rate. Senior citizens will get 25 basis points more than the above rates. 

Option to invest monthly

Those who do not have lump sum amount to invest in these FDs, they can invest through the Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP). Under this option, investors can start by investing a portion as low as Rs. 5000 per month from their salary. Also they can select the tenure to receive periodic payouts such as monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually according to their preference. Under SDP, each monthly contribution is treated as a separate FD and it earns the rate of interest prevailing on the date of the deposit. 


Default risk is relatively higher in corporate FDs as compared to bank FDs. But one can reduce this risk by investing in  high rates corporate deposits. Bajaj Finance FD carries the highest stability ratings of FAAA by CRISIL, and MAAA by ICRA, assuring investors utmost safety of their investments. On maturity, all interest proceeds earned are deposited in the investor’s bank account, thus ensuring a default-free experience.

Bajaj Finance has a healthy deposit book of more than Rs. 20,000 crores

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