THREE WAY, Tenn. — A local church in Three Way wanted to do something different to celebrate its 10 years of ministry.

Journey Church distributed $5,000 in envelopes to church members Sunday morning to challenge church guests to invest it.

The purpose is for the guests to grow the funds and bring the extra money earned from investing back on November 22.

The money will then be used to contribute to expanding the church’s locations, as well as serving a specific need in the community.

“We really believe that God has given each of us three things: time, talent and treasure to build his kingdom,” said Journey Church Lead Pastor Jeremy Brown. “And so what we did today to illustrate that [we gave] every single person in our church an envelope with money in it and ask them to take that thing and over the next seven weeks to work to multiply that.”

Brown says he hopes to see the challenge turn the $5,000 into at least $20,000 to be able to do something great for the community.

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