Killeen City Council member Butch Menking is running for reelection, placing public safety and financial durability among his highest priorities.

Occupation: Financial advisor with a New York Stock Exchange firm

What neighborhood do you live in? Jasper Heights

1) What was your upbringing and what brought you to the Killeen area? What is your education level?

Family came to Killeen in 1973 via US Army. Grew up here. Graduated from Killeen High in 1978, Attended and earned a Bachelors degree in Business from Texas State University, attended attended and earned a masters degree in political science from the University of Central Missouri.

2) What do you do for a living and how did you get into the field you are in? If you are retired, what did you do? Received officer commission in USAF through ROTC program in college. Retired from AF in 1998. Came back to Killeen to run the Edward Jones office here. I serve as a financial advisor and am a Certified Financial Planner.

3) Have you run or served for a public office before? What office was it, and what was the outcome of the election? Why did you decide to run for a seat on the Killeen City Council?

I was elected and served two terms on the Killeen ISD Board of Trustees and currently one term on the Killeen City Council. I owe a great debt of gratitude to this community. Growing up here provided a wonderful foundation for successful careers and life. So many Killeen families I know led by example over the years and motivated me to serve.

4) If elected, what will be your priorities as a council member? Public safety, financial durability, economic diversification and expansion.

5) What do you want voters to know about you on a personal level. I care deeply about providing opportunity for every Killeen citizen to achieve their full potential. I truly believe the future of Killeen is unlimited if we all work hard and seize opportunities that come from a growing, vibrant community.

6) What are your qualifications for this position? A continuing desire to serve the community that raised me. I have education and experience in public finance, and a proven track record in elected public service.

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