CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Joplin Park in Charleston looked different Saturday with a live obstacle course on its grass.

The kids on it were getting more than just exercise.

Obstacle participants Jayli and Joseph were attempting to balance a $3,000 budget on it.

“The obstacle course sort of emulates what happens in real life, if you save then you tend to get rewarded for it, if you go overbudget then you tend to be penalized for it,” said Mavery Davis.

Davis is a Charleston accountant who teaches a free, online financial literacy workshop for children.

In partnership with the Fun Fitness Foundation he brings the abstract concepts to life with the obstacle course.

“I don’t think it’s ever too early to learn how to budget your money and know what’s important in life and know what to work towards, and the younger they start the better,” said Susie Shephard whose grandson was one of the participants.

The children got to learn about teamwork, identified emotions, and discerned between wants versus needs all while climbing up a knob wall, jumping into a ball pen and racing through tunnels.

“I got food, I got housing, I got savings, I got a lot of things that we might need in life,” said Jayli Phillips who participated in the obstacle.

According to Davis nine children took the online financial literacy course.

They hope to see more kids take the course and participate in the obstacle course next year.

**Reporter’s Note: The children did not receive $500 like the video states. They are working on doing more obstacles until they establish the prizes.

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