WAREHAM – Money can’t buy you love but it might be able to buy a less malodorous wastewater treatment plant.

Borrowing money to fund wastewater treatment plant upgrades is the subject of one of the articles on the Oct. 26 Town Meeting warrant.

Water Pollution Control Director Guy Campinha, and Russ Kleekamp, an engineer with plant design consultant GHD, were on hand at the Selectmen’s weekly meeting to discuss the article.

Town Meeting would be approving the application for low-interest state loans for upgrade work at the plant.

The three main areas of improvement are developing two new basins that could handle overflow in storm events, developing an additional nitrification filter and for “odor control.”

OKs to seek funding for the first two items have come in past TMs in June and last fall. That work once completed should help with odors, and the current article will be to help with odor control, as well.

Selectman Patrick Tropeano noted that attempts to improve the odor situation date back to 2008. “It’s time to do something,” he said.

Kleekamp said there will always be some odor but it can be greatly reduced.

Campinha said plant workers help mitigate odors by cleaning the current basins of waste responsible for the odors, literally climbing in and hosing them down. “It’s labor intensive, but we do it.”

Selectman Alan Slavin said it wasn’t fair to residents affected to be told that all the odors can be eliminated with an upgrade, and give them a false sense of security. He said to mitigate the odors as much as possible should be the goal.



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