HUNTINGTON — Ride with the Cops 18 had a different look this year, but the need to raise money for about 300 children for the annual Christmas party remains.

“Instead of having the Ride with the Cops gathering like we do, we decided to do what’s called a poker run, which spreads everything out over five places,” said Blue Knights’ spokesperson Johnny Evans. “We normally start here at Buddy’s and ride throughout the Tri-State area through Kentucky and Ohio before we get back here for a big cookout for everybody. Since we can’t do that, we just start here or any of the other checkpoints. Once everybody has their five locations, they just go home.”

The Blue Knights partner with the Fraternal Order of Police, Gold Star Lodge No. 65, to sponsor the annual party. It was unknown Sunday what the pandemic’s effects might have been on participation in the ride.

“We won’t know for sure, because we had some people register in advance as well as register here in person,” Evans said. “We hope that we get the participation that we normally have, but we won’t know for sure until afterward. We appreciate anybody that has helped, and we are sorry that we couldn’t do more for the kids, but we’re doing what we can. We do this every year, and we’re proud of what we can do for the kids.”

To find out how to donate to the children’s party, visit Blue Knights WV III on Facebook.

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